Walk in Love

1Jn 5:1 Whosoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loves Him that begat loves him also that is begotten of Him.

Comment: To Love people - to love other Believers is as natural as breathing for those who are truly born again. Truly you are born again when you love. For by our love for one another we mark ourselves as Children of God - and the World marks us as those that follow Jesus.

Hindrances to giving is not just having a difficulty in doing something but it is a lack of love. When the love of Father is in us we act like Him and love like Him. When the world is in us we act like the world and are loveless like the world. We love because He first loved us.

When we become unwilling to give of ourselves or our time, of our money or food, there is a reason for us becoming stagnant in our giving. Could it be that our Love Walk with Jesus has cooled down? Does it not say that love is automatic for a child of God? The world and worry and shallowness of heart has the tendency to stop God's Word and Spirit being active in our hearts.

How to return to a flame-sharp life-style of love?

Like the desert winds can move a whole mountain of sand over times, so the world can come wave by wave and bury us under the attitudes of this world - we become infected by worldly attitudes and habits. Dusting off daily the world from our heart and our mind - washing our hearts like clothes that get dirty in wearing is important. The Word washes our hearts and searches our soul/ mind /emotions / will and divide between the things of the Spirit and the things of this world.

A wonderful remedy for a lackluster heart, it to take time and meditate on the goodness of God - take time to seek water for your own thirsty soul. See how much God loves you. Find again the sword of your calling and the promises God has given to you. Go back to the answers to prayer and the love you had before. Take up the "Banners" of Prayers - and ask God to give you what you lack.

If you remember how much God loves you, it is so much easier to want to share it with others. Stand up and become a daily lover of others.

When you become too important in your own life - where everything is about you - you become too important for God, because God is close to those that are humble of heart. Simply for life and do not let your programs run away with you, for a rushed life has nothing the give to those in need. Keep on giving, daily until you become joyous in giving and you see Jesus moving right next to you in your Word. When you love like this, you will also have sweet words of comfort, deliverance and healing to share. You will have the Gospel ready on your tongue.

May the Lord give you love more than you ever had. You who seek the attention and love of God - you He will fill with His love. When you honour God with your substance God will look over all that are involved in your life. He will mark you for promotion, rescue and blessing. May the Love's love shower on and through you until you become the light-house of many peoples.

Last update 2018