Using Art as a Catalyst for Economic Transformation

The ideas of Teach Everything started in a Community Organisation called Mookgophong Education Arts and Culture Association which was doomed to fail because of the tough political environment that influenced everything. But it reveals how communities tried to grapple with solving the question from moving from the state of stagnation into and as environment that promotes Economic Development.

Today we are asking the same question again, Can we change the nature of our Environment? If we can, who is responsible for doing so and what should change?

It is good to look at the Manual of all Manual for guidance

What can help us with such a change. There was a leader in the Bible that found out what the bad state of Jerusalem that was burned and destroyed, and he set out with the favour of God to work. His method was to investigate but plan long before he reached Jerusalem. The work was self-evident, and people from all backgrounds were needed to complete the work and at the same time they constantly battled discouragement and even outright hostility. So bringing change is not a bed of roses or a place where you will be applauded for you work. Good lesson.

What is in your hand? What do you see? How many fishes to you have?

Interestingly that the answer to change starts with what talent we possess, what we observe and how much is the little we have, rather than who can do it. A project cannot be solely based on what the assistance is that we can receive, but must start with whether we can handle a Trowel to help build a wall. Give your last bread and fish and it will became greater. Exodus 4:2 was something God asked Moses - he only had a rod in his hand but it changed into a fearful thing.

So what do we have in our hand. We have the power of a Creative hand and Creative mind and that was enough then.

God is Creator of the Univers - the Ultimate Creative project

God created a whole univers out of nothing. He wants us to be possiblity thinkers and He is able to turn our trowel into a powerful tool, our paintbrush into a sword and a project. The success of Art and Crafts is possibility thinking - seeing something in you mind and creating it - making something out of nothing. That means it is a tool to create riches.

If this is true, then YES art can be used as a tool to bring Economic Development to a Municipality. It takes a certain type of mentality and personality to harvest such a talent. Not all gifted people become Artists - not all people with an artistic talent appropriate their talent to benefit themselves of their family.

Using Creativity and Innovation to create a New Economy is possible.

To know that not all Artists or Crafters will become entrepreneurs and too few people have been learned the basic character qualities that is needed to move through the different growth stages until you find a place in the market or Tourism market. Adapting, learning, changing are all skills needed to find the perfect product and perfect market - but the possibilities are endless.

All that Teach Everything can do is inspire the community, discover the possiblity thinkers, mentor the entrepreneurs and help Create a space for the quality products that will be produced by the champions.

And that is the way that you will use to change the Economy, One Artist at a Time that you can activate to becomes a skilled business man locally and abroad.

To accomplish such a powerful change you need to created capacity first - and for that you need an organisation like Teach Everything that has a vision and lots of experience

I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me - Phil 4:13

Updated January 2022