TEACH EVERYTHING - About our Philosophy

Teach Everything knows that a prosperous life starts with Spiritual Knowledge that bring Practical knowledge and Wisdom that are needed to transform the environment for whole communities and Countries. Knowledge itself is not enought but practical application and experience grow through the struggle to establish that New future that we are helping to build

The Realms of Heaven and Earth

Heaven is the realm of miracles - miracles is created on earth through the help of Heaven. All things are possible and heaven inspires our tenacity to created what we only dreamed of.

The Source of Good and Evil

Darkness and trouble destroy lives but finding the Goodness of God working on our behalf brings calmness and the attitude of a great entrepreneur.

A life filled with divine Goodness

Who does not want to escape the cycle of poverty and limitation. We believe that a good life with the basic benefits we all seek in our family and environments if for every one. There is a Heavenly Father that will help and He need some Champions that love unselfishly and work as hard as He does.

Finding the answer for every problem in Life

Proverbs says that the Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom and Knowledge. That means that as long as Teach Everything does what is just and righteous we will walk in divine Wisdom and when we start to love selfishness we will lose the power to be successful and slowly dwindle to failure and unhappiness.

God expects us to fight extraordinary battles with Him, and dream BIG as big as the GOODNESS of God. He is and extraordinary Good and powerful helper. Teach Everything does not know another way of being successful in accomplishing great things for our

I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me - Phil 4:13

Updated January 2022