Redesigning the Local Economy opportunities

The NEW ARTS ATRIUM is both a Museum and Exploration of New Art Forms that aims to preserve Art but also Create living Spaces for the Community

This Facility is the Art and Guardian ove the Visual Arts Economic Hub in the trilogy of Buildings. This facility Showcase Visual Art - but is also the Space that Naboom has been without for some decades now. The first Artists that exhibited together was in 1986 later established the Naboom Art Group. Many Artist actively participated during the tenure of our own Professional Artist in the Municipaly - Gerda Scoltemeier who later joined the staff of the Pretoria Art Museum. The Association continued to exhibit and in 2000 some artist had a 3-man Millenial exhibition in the Centurion Art Gallery - although they were all women. Leonie Louw, Naomi Labuscagne and Susan Koorzen. Our Artists entusiatically supported the Naboomspruit Tourism Ass that was established late 2000 and was operational in 2001. Naboom Art Group amalgemated with the Newly Established Waterberg Art Association that was a Branch of SANAVA the Nation Art Association that started in 1851 as an Artist Group. Naboom was chairing the Waterberg Art Ass since 20.. There are still a lot of artists and aspiring artist living in our Municipality and region. Many Professional local Artists have made their mark National

The Atrium uses natural light for the exhibitions . This can be Square or circular buildings.


Facilities in the Proposal: Visual Arts Atrium, Tourism Hub Area and Park around the to Facilities. This is part of the Park at the moment. Linked with the Tourism and Visual Arts Academy in the building not in use at the moment. The Park and garden areas needs to be developed for community activities and Art-in-the-Park events.

Such a living Art facility has specific requirements to make it sustainable, practical and multipurpose. Read more on lighting, work spaces, storage and mobile walls requirements here


DIVERSITY & REPURPOSING is the Key to economic sustainability

Serving the Community

This facility serves as a Conference Event Space and is available for Concerts, School Tours and small Theatre productions. Main Hall and Side spaces - open floor plan - makes multi Events possible.


Conference at the Atrium




School Tours

New Art - mixed media, mixed presentation - the medium, method and material

Serving the community in training, education, events and even crafts and Arts Demonstrations should be a priority along with the business part. This facility caters for the needs of various sectors in our community for the purpose of building community, developing entrepreneurs, and inspiring everyone with Hope and posibilities.

Marketing the venues for "Events at the Art Museum"

From Private Tours for VIP guests, Marketing Events, Wedding Reception and Workshops this facility will lend itself for a variety of marketing related events. Events planner, advertising and the right business partners for events.


Private tours





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Updated December 2021