Redesigning the Local Economy opportunities

The NEW ARTS ATRIUM serves as a Museum, Art Events and Business Product

This Facility is the Art and Guardian over the Visual Arts Economic Hub in the trilogy of Buildings. This facility Showcase Visual Art - but is also the Space that Naboom has been without for some decades now. The most important aspects of Art are the search for light and space. This Art Museum emphasizes this.

The Atrium uses natural light for the exhibitions.


Natural Daylight also cuts costs while allowing for the best exhibition and events experience. When events are held in the evening the Art museum draws from solar energy that is installed on the roof.


When dealing with Art the Storage is crucial and museum quality means a controled environment and good auditing and use of what a Art Museum will collect and preserve. So much of our Art has been destroyed because of the ways municipalities dealt with collections and by neglect great treasures could have been apropriated by officials that had no ideas of their immense Art Historic and monetory value. Hopefully such Articles will once again find their way back to be cared for by Art Associations like SANAVA.

Exibition Spaces and Mobile Digital Walls with natural Light

Mobile walls and displays that can be removed for creating an open space, partitioning areas or decorate for an event

Moveable Display


Walls on wheels


Recess Skylighting

Designing Community Spaces for the purpose of Economic sustainability and Economic development

It is like putting an empty honey comb into a new bee hive. You don't have to do anything, the bees will collect the honey and build their community.


Creating Art Exhibition and Work spaces needs natural lighting

The most important element in creating and exhibiting Art is light - the right type of light. Natural light. That also means if you can get enough of it you will save in the cost of electricity. For evening exhibitions or classes you will need good lighting also.


Workshop Lighting


Layout for practicals



Community access to top quality instruction through professional classes


Window and skylights and cove lighting solve the problem

Building Art museum and galleries with access to natural light make sense. It is also a good idea for other functions and activities. Using blinds can help dim the light especially if the sun is too harsh.


Natural Light


Natural Daylight


Natural Light for Saving Energy

Lighting that is natural

Incorportating Digital Components, which also facilitates NEW ART, requires electrical installations and big screen or LED display

It make sense to use Digital Display which will solve restrictions in our present challenges. It also creates wonderful new opportunities to create spaces that is utilized for business events and training. It can also be ustilized for every kind of exhibition that we never thought possible. This creates opportunities of people that persue graphic art and visual presentation of material - which creates more marketable products and opens new opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

Digital Exhibitions


Repurposing space for Training


Renting Space for Events

Updated December 2021