The Atrium - creating a Business and Economic HUB

Lets find a Sector for Local Economic Development and Multiplication of Entrepreneurial and Career opportunities


This facility is Identified as the Key to Creating a Tourism Node in Mookgophong and is designed as a multi purposed facility that has both Economic and community components and for the purpose of Local Economic Growth. It needs strong project leadership, community enthusiasm and the support and services from the Local Municipality. Sustainability of the Hub is found in the variety of dependent sectors that will all play key roles in making it successful and game changer for the Economy of Mookgophong. It should inspire entrepreneurs because it creates a multitude of small business opportunities and support them in the best light possible in the Tourism Industry, both Local Tourist and broadening the market much further afield.

Lets find the perfect fit of Facilities for The New Art Atrium and Tourism Facilities

The Naboom NEW Art Atrium - New Infrastructure Project - Core Product for Local Economic Development Proposal

The proposed facility is allocated in the Park Area next to Library and the New Building, which is about 500m in circumference and which is 12,700m². The Atrium and a Tourism office/ Booth seen in circles. This can be Square or circular buildings.

Facilities in the Proposal: New Arts Atrium, Tourism Hub Area and Park around the to Facilities. This is part of the Park at the moment. Linked with the Tourism and Arts Academy in the building not in use at the moment. The Park and garden areas needs to be developed for community activities and Art-in-the-Park events.

The Tourism Centre with Economic Aspects as Restaurant / Caffateria - another venue

The Tourism Centre lends itself to accommodate a Restaurant / Catering venue. Again small events can be held here and the Arts and Crafts shop with Tourism Informations.

The Need for an Economic Lifeline for our Municipality

The need for Economic Rescue for our local community is undisputed, after many Community Organizations and Businesses were plunged into a battle to economically survive because of the phenomena of individuals in privileged positions in Government that destroyed the prosperity of South Africa and it even forced South Africa establish the Zondo commission on State Capture. On top of that the lockdowns dampened the service delivery and economic activities within our Municipalities. Some political animosity in local government also played a role with the result that Business and Society at large lost a confidence in Government. This had a devastating effect on entrepreneurial optimism and hope. Our Municipality suffered so much that it is now called one of the poorest Municipalities in South Africa in spite of having great potential and was called previously a great Tourism jewel.

Finding the Best possible utilization of this Municipal Building in a New Vision and Economic strategy for Economic DEVELOPMENT

Naboom Town, like other towns within Modimolle Mookgophong Municipality, suffered because of the reasons above and community also lost local access to the Local Administration, which caused a devastating lack of problems solving in the Municipal Service Delivery and project management. A lot of Town Planning projects still lack completion, and maintenance and revitalizing the basic services should form a basis for Economic Development. Unless facilities and infrastructure are built or rehabilitated to a reliable standard to serve business and the community, growth and Development of new Projects will suffer with devastating consequences.

A rare opportunity exists to re-imagine the economic growth and its development in our municipality. This will include answering the simple questions of how to bring economic growth to the Municipality. It will also include incorporating an economic element into the infrastructure of the Municipality, which will help to lighten the financial burden of maintenance for the Municipality, through partnering with Businesses, Community Organizations and PPPs.

Building blocks that make sense are needed and A new Purpose and Vision for this unused Municipal building as A Tourism and Visual Arts Academy

This building has been discussed in past IDPs in terms of a Training facility. Looking at establishing a picture theme for our local Economic Development, it will be very useful as a Tourism and Visual Arts Academy that can include economic components as well as facilitating other government departments. This building will form a support base for the NAVAA and Tourism Facility next door - and could constantly supply skilled and trained specialists in the field of Visual Arts and Tourism Products.


The Building not in use behind Naboom Municipality that can help turn around the Economic growth for Mookgophong.


The Need for a Lifeline thrown to our Municipality

In a sense Local Government also needs a kick-start to move out of expensive infrastructural into becoming a Municipality that is growing economically. Is is not by estranging property but partnering with individual businesses with a healthy client base.

Turning Municipal Buildings into Economic Hubs by Partnering with Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

The Polokwane Art Museum and Library did it

Spaces inside these big and important yet cumbersome properties were made accessible to businesses and by renting the space, private businesses became part sustainability of the services to the community. The released more resources for economic development and service delivery to the city. Innovation is more important than just looking at Rands and cents. It makes sense to partner with the Community - and local economic growth becomes a collaboration.

Working on Transforming Mookgophong Municipal Buildings and Property for Economic Development

Updated December 2021