Daniel's Gate

Daniel's Gate - A Community Oriented Service.

Redesigning the career opportunities for this Generation and for a Time Like This! &

Setting up the Service and Training

To activate all the activities of this Youth Hub Strategy in a community, the community needs clear understanding of the program, of our expectation of participants, of the role that parents and other community leaders should play. The challenges and obstacles that need to be addressed by Daniel's Gate facilitator, of an individual student or participant, requires thoroughly revelation before starting or proceding to a next phase.

Rigerous identification of all the dinamics of a student is needed, to make a success story out of a qualified mess - and hopefully the passion of the Student and of the Hub inspires dedication, willing sacrifices, faithfulness and excellence in application.




Finishing Matric

Skills in Creative Art

Bible Guidelines





Entrepeneurial Guidance


ACDP- Leading Activism




Finding Investment

Your Own Business

Training Youth for Leadership



Updated November 2021