ART Products Depends on a strong TOURISM Sector

A STRONG TOURISM SECTOR needs the right quality Arts and Crafts products to compete with other Attractions

It follows that the best possible scenario is to create you own Tourism Product around the theme of Art and use it to mentor the hungry Artists that will help build the quality Market. To make it sustainable, the first traget group for both will be our Local Communit and neighbouring communities. Always keeping it economy focussed and competative. Keep it a business and make your Community part of your business.

With the Right Tourism and Art product the potential is unlimited when it is run in a professional, innovative and sustainable way.

A Restaurant does not make a Tourism Industry

Tourism products such as a B&B or Lodge do not make a Tourism sector and for the owners their one product is most important. One good Artist cannot dictate the nature of a Tourism Association or the focus of Exhibitions for selfish reasons. In both fields there needs to be development and mentoring of others for the sake of growing the Associations as a whole and the strength of the Sectors locally and abroad. The focus should also be the fair rewards the Community Product receives to make it sustainable and growing. Fundraising and government help should be focussed on the HUB from which all these activities are supported - such as a Tourism Centre and Art Museum and Training facilities. Then it will become part of a service to community and product owners.

TEACH EVERYTHING is a Non-profit organisation with great experience in Art and Tourism.

Many people and organisations were destroyed by some of the problems above but also interferance by overly zealous officials that wanted to control products but that need to be run like a business, or wanted to find some way for the municipality to reap the benefits of the hard work of volunteers and communities. They ended up becoming the employees of the Municipality and the volunteers to help the community. This puts untold stress on non-profit organisations. The Municipality already benefits from the product - the economic grown within the Municipality.

The product we suggest, is like any other project that receives assistance from Government, partly for grants and infrastructure. Run in the correct way for the purpose it will be developed, need the Government as supporter not hinderance.

PPP are delecately balanced Parnerships and need the best of both worlds.

Does a Municipality want Tourist feet, the involvement and continuous support of the local Community, and the unending selfless work of the Visionaries, then these things need to be quantifies and valued.

It only takes one ruthless and un scrupulous person to destroy the investment of thousands of hours an to lose the goodwill of a community. It has happened over and over. We will hope for a better future of our Vision and love for the Community

I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me - Phil 4:13

Updated January 2022