TEACH EVERYTHING is about teaching everything that Jesus commanded. Jesus said the first commandment is to love God with all our heart and all our sould and all our mind and the second command is to love our neighbour as ourselves. Nothing else can strengthen our love for God but to spend time in the Word for the Holy Spirit to reveal the true nature of God to us and then spend time with God to experience His love and counsel for ourselves.

The New commandment Jesus gave was to love one another. Love does not exist where there is no sharing, giving and prayer. We cannot say that we love someone if we have no concern for them and fi we have no concern for them then we will also not pray for them.

We can do all kinds of projects but if these Two Great Loves are not part of us then we are not where Jesus wants us to be - we are not in the centre of His will. But when we are growing in our love for God and learning to walk in love with our neigbour then we have truly found God's Presence and the Place where His Power and Miracles are hidden.

Jesus came to teach us about a New World that we do not know - the Kingdom of God. We become part of this New Way of Life when we are born in the Spirit. This Kingdom has a different language from the language of this world. It's priority is centre on the unseen world not like the people and projects of this world. The Kingdom of God is not a religion but a Relationship with God.This Kingdom is also not Powerless but are Powerful and with Great Power to Deliver people out of all their problems and situations that they experience in this World.

This page of Teach Everything desire to recapture the essence of God's love and the New Life we have in Him. Teach Everything minister through intercessors.co.za and elyon-net.com. Be encouraged by the pages and other tools here to Grow in your love for God and your love walk with others.

We can only experience God's love by knowing His love and believing His lives. Explore God's love. Our greatest challenge is to keep walking in love no matter what the situation - this page will help us.



Sudies in the Word


Shepherds for Nations - 28-09-2014Our Daily Lessons of Faith!

Walk through the BIble and meditate on the Word. Readding the Word with Attention, seek to understand the Matters of the Kingdom of God and the Spirit of God. Being changed and growing in faith. FInd these messages on Elyon-net.com

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"Teach Everything" desires get is right and teach the Heart of Love of God for individuals and Nations. To walk in that Love we need a deeper walk with God. The studies in Elyon-net.com starts you on a journey of discovery in the Word, understanding the Spirit nature of our New Life in Christ and giving wings to Faith that thrives on the Word. "Intercessors.co.za" helps to make the connection of "what we hear what the God says" to "how we live it" - using our prayer conversation with God to establish a Walk with God.

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